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Why I Do Not Support Barack Obama

Below is a running list of reasons why I do not support Barack Obama, arranged in various categories in no particular order. Together they paint a picture that transcends the media's protective portrayal of him and reveal him to be arguably the worst president in modern American history.

The Economy

Summary: Barack Obama is a radical socialist who has done nothing positive for the U.S. economy. From failed stimulus plans and record deficits to tax hikes and increased regulations, his leftist policies have made America substantially less wealthy and free. By any objective measure, his leadership concerning the economy has been an abject failure.

  1. Obamanomics have failed. His economy stinks, and he has no solution for it.
  2. He is a socialist who wants to redistribute wealth.
  3. His historic deficit spending, despite his pledge for a net spending cut during his campaign.
  4. He wants to raise taxes amidst a recession, despite previously confessing the folly of such action.
  5. His signature legislation - Obamacare - will cost an absolute fortune, despite his rhetoric otherwise.
  6. His failed stimulus, which sent billions of dollars overseas.
  7. His record of rewarding political donors with taxpayer dollars.
  8. His record of granting money to companies backed by firms with connections to members of his administration
  9. and his advisors.
  10. His Energy Department's scandalous loan guarantee program that privatizes profits and socializes losses.
  11. He arrogantly and ignorantly claimed that success is not a result of hard work. This from a guy who never created or ran so much as a candy store.
  12. He constantly utilizes class warfare to divide and conquer.
  13. He is the great "Food Stamp President," overseeing record food stamp usage among Americans.
  14. He has never passed a budget.
  15. Since his inauguration as president the national debt has increased by more than $64,000 per federal taxpayer. U.S. debt rose 50% during his tenure.
  16. His involvement in the private sector. Bailouts, AIG, GM, Chrysler, etc.
  17. His signature automobile, the Chevy Volt, is an abysmal failure that costs taxpayers a fortune.
  18. The $1 trillion Fannie-Freddie bailout.
  19. He signed the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill into law, which set into motion 243 new formal rule-makings by 11 different federal agencies that does nothing but increase the size and scope of the federal government and employ legions of lobbyists and lawyers.
  20. His government takeover of the domestic auto industry.
  21. The failed Cash for Clunkers program.
  22. At the 2010 G-20 summit in Toronto, he urged other nations to increase their deficit spending while other nations pledged to halve their deficits.

Domestic Policy and the Constitution

Summary: Barack Obama's domestic policies directly reflect his radical leftist agenda and fundamental disregard for the Constitution and rule of law.

  1. He believes the US Constitution is fundamentally flawed.
  2. He is an "imperial president" who violates both the spirit and letter of the Constitution's separation of powers by his disregard for the legislative branch in favor of administrative decision-making.
  3. He overturned Congress and the law by gutting the welfare reform law of 1996.
  4. His heavy reliance on executive orders to bypass Congress and the rule of law.
  5. He has appointed countless "czars" to his administration who are unelected officials empowered by and held accountable to no one but the President.
  6. He filled 15 administration posts while Congress was in recess in order to avoid Senate confirmation.
  7. His administration's role in the "Fast and Furious" ATF gunwalking scandal.
  8. His energy policies hurt America.
  9. Cap and trade. Makes no apologies that his plan would cause energy prices to necessarily skyrocket.
  10. His EPA proposed new regulations for coal-burning power plants that would cost consumers nearly $3 billion a year.
  11. Despite pledging to unite America as a post-racial president, he is willing to exploit racial tensions for his own political benefit.
  12. His Justice Department dropped the charges against two members of the New Black Panther Party threatening white voters the day he was elected president.
  13. His administration has shown no interest in preventing voter fraud or ensuring equal protection under the law for voting rights.
  14. He opposed Arizona's sb1070 immigration law and denounced it as "misguided," and he publicly sided with Mexico against Arizona.
  15. His administration sued Arizona over its immigration law yet ignores the more than 50 sanctuary cities that don't enforce federal immigration law.
  16. He cosponsored the Global Poverty Act.
  17. He cosponsored the Employee Free Choice Act.

Social Issues

Summary: Barack Obama is a radical social liberal who supports abortion, gay marriage, socialized medicine, and restrictions of religious liberties.

  1. Obamacare
  2. He is a proponent of single-payer socialized health care, yet lies to the American people about it.
  3. His Department of Health and Human Services demanded the Catholic Church to give up its religious liberty to satisfy government regulators.
  4. He originally intended to force private insurance companies to pay for the treatment of military veterans who have suffered service-connected disabilities and injuries.
  5. He is 100% pro-choice and uses tax-payer money to fund abortions.
  6. He repealed rules restricting federal money for international organizations that promote or provide abortions overseas.
  7. He reversed restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.
  8. His administration seeks to redefine religious liberty and has adopted the phrase 'Freedom of Worship' to replace 'Freedom of Religion.'
  9. He supports gay marriage, and his Justice Department will not uphold the Defense of Marriage Act.
  10. He fully supports gay activism. The establishment of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. He vows to repeal both the Defense of Marriage Act and the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. He signed a presidential memorandum that extended benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees and administration officials.
  11. He supports hate crime legislation and signed Hate Crimes legislation into law that was deviously attached to a must-pass defense bill.
  12. He opposed the passage of the Induced Infant Liability Act, a measure that would outlaw partial birth abortion, and it's infanticidal relative, live birth abortion in the Illinois State Senate.
  13. He advocates sex education to kindergarteners.
  14. He launched a $110 million sex education program that spends only 4% of its funds on abstinence programs.

Foreign Policy

Summary: Barack Obama's foreign policy is dangerous, naive, and anti-American.

  1. The Obama Doctrine: greater reliance on international institutions; substituting soft power for hard power; and a more subdued and less self-reliant America – a scheme designed more to manage American decline than to ensure its people remain safe, free, and prosperous.
  2. His foreign policy is dangerous:
  3. His foreign policy is naive:
  4. His foreign policy is anti-American:
  5. He balked on his supposed commitment to the 'necessary' war in Afghanistan.
  6. His rude behavior towards U.S. allies have caused strained relations.
  7. He sided with the likes of Chavez and Castro over the Honduran coup in 2009.
  8. He has failed to approach Congress with legislation establishing a legal framework for handling terrorism detainees.

Associations and Appointees

Summary: You can judge a lot about a leader by those with whom he surrounds himself. Barack Obama has countless ties to radicals and crooks, and his cabinet appointments have been disastrous.

  1. He has countless dangerous associations and connections to radical groups, such as: William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Larry Walsh, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, The Rathke brothers, Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson, Saul Alinsky, Khalid Al-Mansour, Percy Sutton, MoveOn.org, Code Pink, Penny Pritzker, Mike Klonsky, Father Pfleger, American Action Network, Rashid Khalidi, and on and on and on...
  2. David Axlerod, his top campaign advisor and strategist, has deep ties to the American Communist Party (CPUSA) and other leftist individuals and organizations.
  3. His Department of Homeland Security Secretary labeled Americans who are angry over illegal immigration, the poor economy, the increasing power of the federal government, gun control, abortion, and the loss of U.S. national sovereignty as "right-wing extremists."
  4. In a sleazy recess appointment, he appointed the radical, health-care rationing defender Dr. Donald Berwick to be the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services without Senate approval.
  5. His science czar considered forced abortions and sterilization as viable population growth solutions.
  6. He has appointed - or tried to appoint - countless criminals and shady characters to his administration, such as: Bill Richardson, Timothy Geithner, Nancy Killefer, Tom Daschle, Mark Patterson, etc.
  7. His appointment of the racist radical Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.
  8. His appointment of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, despite the fact that she had no judicial experience, few academic writings, and virtually no litigation experience prior to her post as Solicitor General.
  9. His appointment of Eric Holder to Attorney General and the subsequent politicization of the Justice Department.
  10. He appointed David Ogden, a defender of child pornography and lawyer for Playboy, to the Number 2 position in the Justice Department.
  11. He selected an outspoken critic of immigration enforcement at the local level to supervise outreach between the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office and local law enforcement agencies.

Lies and Broken Promises

Summary: No politician can deliver on every campaign pledge they make, but Barack Obama never intended to. He campaigned as a centrist moderate, and the mainstream media did its best to cover the truth that he is a radical liberal with a radical agenda. This section is for all of you who bought the lies.

  1. He lied about Obamacare's mandate being a penalty, not a tax. He insisted that it was not a tax until it was under the scrutiny of the Supreme Court, when then he argued it was a tax in order to save the bill. Then he went back to arguing is was not a tax. Pathetic and disgraceful.
  2. He campaigned as a centrist, promising he would cut taxes, expand the military, and enact "a net spending cut" for the federal government. Instead he has raised taxes on lower-income Americans, slashed defense spending, and enacted a $862 billion failed stimulus bill.
  3. He explicitly promised not to raise any taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year, yet he raised taxes on tobacco and tanning beds, and would allow Congress to let the Bush tax cuts expire. Not to mention the 7 new taxes on all Americans hidden in Obamacare.
  4. He promised that the public will have 5 days to look at any bill that comes across his desk, then signed a massive health care reform bill, the Lily Ledbetter bill, the SCHIP/cigarette tax hike, and the 1071-page stimulus bill far less than the timeframe he promised.
  5. After campaigning against the use of commissions, he went on to establish at least four to try and solve problems for him.
  6. Many of his key health care promises were lies. For example: No individual mandates, no loss of doctor, no tax hikes for those making less than $250k, lower health premiums, deficit neutrality, no taxpayer-funded abortion, etc.
  7. He broke his campaign promises that the health care debate would be open, transparent, and broadcast on C-SPAN. Among the special interest groups getting special treatment, he cut a special deal for unions behind closed doors regarding taxes on 'Cadillac' insurance plans.
  8. He promised no more earmarks, then signed an omnibus spending bill with 9,000 of them.
  9. He promised unprecedented government transparency, yet his White House rigs town hall meetings and has a pattern of rejecting Freedom of Information Act requests regarding secret meetings.
  10. After establishing new lobbying rules his first day in office, he waived those very rules to appoint former lobbyists to his administration.
  11. He appointed over 2 dozen lobbyists to high-ranking cabinet positions after railing against the presence of lobbyists in the upper ranks of John McCain's campaign.
  12. He falsely claimed that The Heritage Foundation supported his tax plan. They did not. Later, an Obama Treasury official falsely suggested to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that they supported the administration's financial reform plan. They do not.


Summary: The office of the president of the United States is one worthy of respect, but the man who occupies it sometimes isn't. Here are a few reasons why that is the case with its current occupant.

  1. He lewdly refers to members of the Tea Party movement as "tea-baggers."
  2. His daily itinerary is a joke.
  3. He immaturely uses profanity like a teenager trying to sound tough.
  4. Years after becoming president he still blames Bush for everything.
  5. He can't speak without a teleprompter.
  6. He demonizes CEO's for using private jets, yet flies them all over the world. Remember the $75,000 trip to New York in a Gulfstream?
  7. The 'first dog' gets its own private jet.
  8. His visceral attack on private sector compensation.
  9. His White House has no class. Wanda Sykes, his gifts to the British Prime Minster and the Queen, etc.
  10. He referred to people who oppose his health insurance power-grab as "teabag...extremists."
  11. His news conference in response to the 2009 Fort Hood killings began with a 'shout out.'
  12. He accused US soldiers of just air raiding villages and killing civilians in Afghanistan.
  13. He is unpatriotic:
  14. His wife is unpatriotic.
  15. He often refuses to take a stand on tough issues for fear of the political backlash. As an Illinois state senator he voted "Present" almost 130 times on important bills, such as HB 382 and SB 230 (prohibiting partial birth abortion), SB 71 (concerning the penalties of carrying a concealed weapon), SB 759 (requiring mandatory adult prosecution for firing a gun on or near school grounds), HB 854 (protecting the privacy of sex-abuse victims -- he was the only member to not support the bill), HB 1900 and SB 562 (parental notification of abortion bills), SB 1093, 1094, 1095 (protecting a child if it survived a failed abortion), and SB 609 (prohibiting strip clubs and other adult establishments from being within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, and daycares). During his very brief time as a US Senator, he voted "Not Voting" on 8 out of every 10 bills.

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