Website Updates

In cased you missed it, Truth Dialogue has undergone some recent updates. They’re nothing cosmetic, but rather more substantive. I have updated quite a bit of information and added some new content as well.

The about page has both updated and new information regarding our family, while the interests page has all sorts of new content loaded into my video and website portfolio, as well as a couple of new articles I have uploaded. The first is on Richard of St. Victor’s proof of the Trinity, and the second is on a holistic concept of Christian holiness through the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Check out the theology section of the interest page for downloadable PDF copies of those, and look for condensed versions of those articles to go up right here in the blog section for discussion.

Welcome to my new look

Thank you for being patient with me as I ironed out the new style for this blog. While the restructuring is not complete, it is close enough for me to be able to announce its completion. Welcome to my new blog!

Ok, so it’s not necessarily “new,” it just looks that way. I designed it to integrate into my main website, (still under construction). You can use the navigation bar at the top to toggle between the different pages.

Other than cosmetic changes, not much is different around here. It’s hard for me to keep adding new content because seminary has me so swamped, but I’ll try to do better. In the meantime, feel free to look through the archives, the best of which is neatly organized in the blog quick links to your left. Who knows: If people strike up old dialogues I could always move them to the front page. Blog away!

Anyway, thanks for visiting. Check back often if you’re interested in dialogue, or, if you are interested in a laugh, visit my other project located at