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Trust: A Lesson (being) Learned

TrustI spent some time recently going through some old posts here on the old blog. It didn’t take long before I noticed a bit of a recurring theme: Trusting God. Funny, you’d think that for all my discussion on the topic that I would be some sort of master at it by now.

Thank again.

It’s true that I do indeed trust God. Yet time and again I find myself beginning to doubt. It’s nothing deliberate, mind you. As soon as I realize what I am doing and detect the Spirit’s ‘check’ I am (usually) quick to try and do something about it. But in the end I am forced to face the question again and again. Why do I ever doubt him at all?

It’s not like I have a reason to. Looking back over my life I can see his hand in everything that has ever happened to me. His precious, fatherly care is strikingly evident as I recall all the ways he has providentially been at work, even taking into account my own mistakes and failures. It’s easy to look back and detect his presence and I am confident in his promises going forward, yet it is in the present where the issue of trust can become an issue.

In fact, it is the issue.

We are saved by faith. But what is faith? I tend to boil it down to nothing other than trusting obedience. It’s not just trust. Trust alone, which does not produce walking in the light, is no trust at all. And rote obedience manifested out of anything but trust can lead into all sorts of trouble. Instead it is in the harmony of the two together where true biblical faith is found.

I want that kind of faith. It is a faith that saves. It saves me from the mistakes of my past as well as their consequences to come. But it also saves me in the present from anything that would stand between me and the whole life of God available in the here and now.

Setting Due Dates in the OS X Mountain Lion Reminders App (updated)

With its latest OS release, 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple added a new Reminders app to the desktop version of the OS to match the mobile version found in iOS 5. Users now have the ability to use iCloud to sync reminders across all their devices set up to access iCloud through a single Apple ID.

However, there is one important function that appears to have been overlooked that I myself deem a big deal: Due dates.

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Why I Do Not Support Barack Obama

As we hurtle ever closer to the November election season – one that I deem to be the most significant in perhaps an entire generation – this blog will begin to focus more and more on our current president and what I believe to be his failure to lead America in the right direction. To this end I have republished my ongoing list of reasons why I do not support Barack Obama. This updated and expanded list is a resource that you are free to share. I welcome any respectful and honest commentary or feedback on this list in the comments section below.

Access the list now.

Note: This is an updated version of an article originally published July 9, 2009.

How to Smoke BBQ Spare Ribs

Today I want to share with you how to smoke BBQ spare ribs ‘low and slow’. Before I begin I have to confess that the technique and recipe you are about to read are a combination of things I have read and watched other people do online as well as things I have learned and come up with on my own through trial and error. By no means do I claim what follows to be my own method or recipe, but rather the culmination of lots of time observing others and experimenting myself. This is simply my attempt to share one particular way of smoking spare ribs, and it is a tribute to the smoking community from whom I have learned so much. I hope that the end result is a very simple and helpful walkthrough that yields a meal that is worth the effort it takes to produce.

All disclaimers aside, let’s dive right in.

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Mark Levin: Obama Is An Imperial President

Mark Levin has hit the nail on head regarding Obama, calling him an “imperial president”:

Obama, it would seem, wants to deny to others what he will not deny to himself. He wants to deny to the children of others what he will not deny to his own children. He wants to amass riches, but he doesn’t want you to amass wealth. He doesn’t mind private school for his own children, but he minds it for your children. He doesn’t mind eating whatever he wants to eat, but he minds what you eat. He doesn’t mind taking that 747 one frivolous trip after another, one self-serving fundraising after another, but he minds what you drive and how much fuel you use. And we can go on and on.

That’s the nature of an imperial president. That’s the nature of a society in which the president views himself as the sovereign and his wife views him as taking us out of the dark and bringing us into the light, like Jesus if you will. While the rest of us are here to serve. Second-class citizens, got to get skin in the game.

These attacks on Romney and his wealth are attacks on you. I know that you’re not worth $200 million. That’s not my point. There are attacks on your ability to succeed, to prosper and more importantly, the same for your children.

Is Obama jealous of Romney? Is that what it is? Is Obama jealous that he was incapable of earning the kind of money, of creating the kind of wealth, of creating that kind of prosperity in jobs and businesses that Romney did? Is that the problem?

Via Real Clear Politics.

Obamacare Stands

The Supreme Court has ruled that Obamacare, including its individual mandate, will stand. I am shocked by this ruling and saddened for what it means for our country going forward. Of all the things racing through my mind as I write this, a few things stand out:

  • Ultimately the fate of this country still lies in the hands of its citizens. This ruling only underscores the foolishness of relying upon a group of unelected justices to correct the problems we face. We the People still have a voice, and it is up to us, not any court, to defend our freedom and liberties. The importance of your participation in every national, state, and local election cannot be emphasized enough, especially now.
  • Our president lied to us, repeatedly. His campaign promise was that there would be no middle income tax increases. He vehemently argued that Obamacare’s individual mandate is not a tax. Guess what? It is. Obama can now legitimately be labeled the biggest tax-raiser in the history of our country.
  • A dangerous precedent has now been set: Congress can tax you even when you are not participating in commerce. Basically the only requirement necessary for Congress to levy a tax is that you breathe. This gives Congress unlimited taxation power. They can tax you for anything, including not buying something. Wow. The possibilities for abuse are literally unlimited.
  • We have just hit the accelerator on our one-way path to tyranny. Everyone knows that Obamacare was never meant to be the end of the left’s health care agenda. It was only something they had to settle for until they could achieve their ultimate utopian dream of a single-payer system. Don’t be deceived! Obamacare is not the end of their agenda, but the beginning. They will not stop until they control everything. To control is the centerpiece of their worldview, since apparently you and I cannot be trusted to make our own decisions for ourselves. It is fallen man’s nature to conquer, and this nature is epitomized in the statist/leftist/liberal/progressive/Democrat agenda.
  • George W. Bush gave us trillions of dollars of debt…and John Roberts. *sigh*

November will soon be here. The Supreme Court does not have to have the last word on this issue. Obamacare is still widely unpopular in this country, and we have a chance to get rid of it at the ballot box. The fight may not be over, but our only hope now is a full repeal, and repeal can only be done with the right people in office.

Freedom is a sacred, God-given right. It is up to us to cherish and preserve it. Freedom freely surrendered is nearly impossible to get back. Stand up for your freedom, America.

Modifying the Smoke Hollow 47180t: The Charcoal Grate (Plus bonus mod!)

In this installment of Modifying the Smoke Hollow 47180t, I will show you the custom charcoal grate I installed in my smoker box. This mod is fairly simple and inexpensive and doesn’t take too long to complete. Plus, at the end of this simple walk-through I will show you a bonus mod! So click through for some hot smoker modding action!

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