Trust: A Lesson (being) Learned

TrustI spent some time recently going through some old posts here on the old blog. It didn’t take long before I noticed a bit of a recurring theme: Trusting God. Funny, you’d think that for all my discussion on the topic that I would be some sort of master at it by now.

Thank again.

It’s true that I do indeed trust God. Yet time and again I find myself beginning to doubt. It’s nothing deliberate, mind you. As soon as I realize what I am doing and detect the Spirit’s ‘check’ I am (usually) quick to try and do something about it. But in the end I am forced to face the question again and again. Why do I ever doubt him at all?

It’s not like I have a reason to. Looking back over my life I can see his hand in everything that has ever happened to me. His precious, fatherly care is strikingly evident as I recall all the ways he has providentially been at work, even taking into account my own mistakes and failures. It’s easy to look back and detect his presence and I am confident in his promises going forward, yet it is in the present where the issue of trust can become an issue.

In fact, it is the issue.

We are saved by faith. But what is faith? I tend to boil it down to nothing other than trusting obedience. It’s not just trust. Trust alone, which does not produce walking in the light, is no trust at all. And rote obedience manifested out of anything but trust can lead into all sorts of trouble. Instead it is in the harmony of the two together where true biblical faith is found.

I want that kind of faith. It is a faith that saves. It saves me from the mistakes of my past as well as their consequences to come. But it also saves me in the present from anything that would stand between me and the whole life of God available in the here and now.

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