Why I Do Not Support Barack Obama

As we hurtle ever closer to the November election season – one that I deem to be the most significant in perhaps an entire generation – this blog will begin to focus more and more on our current president and what I believe to be his failure to lead America in the right direction. To this end I have republished my ongoing list of reasons why I do not support Barack Obama. This updated and expanded list is a resource that you are free to share. I welcome any respectful and honest commentary or feedback on this list in the comments section below.

Access the list now.

Note: This is an updated version of an article originally published July 9, 2009.

4 thoughts on “Why I Do Not Support Barack Obama

  1. Sure. Thanks for asking.

    American Presidents don't bow to foreign leaders. As the Head of State, he represents the American republic, which bows to no king. It is a sign of submission and deference. Respect can be paid in other ways.

    My reasons for not supporting this president extend far beyond him bowing to the Japanese emperor, and even to the Saudi king. Those incidents fit into a larger pattern of behavior exhibited by him in regards to his foreign policy. He is an embarrassment to this country, for all the reasons I mentioned, not just for the one you took issue with.

  2. Thank you for exposing our clueless leader further,can
    you imagine sitting in the Oval Office ordering the relief
    team to stand down while “true” Americans are killed
    in Benghazi?

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