10 Reasons to Hate Obamacare

Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling that Obamacare is constitutional, a clear majority of Americans have never liked it or wanted it. This will especially become true come 2014 when a lot of the law fully kicks in. Until then, here is a short list of just 10 reasons that every American should hate Obamacare right now:

  1. The individual mandate. Yes, Congress apparently has the right to force you to buy a product. This is unprecedented and (should be) unconstitutional.
  2. It creates new taxes. That’s right, 20 of them, 7 of which are regardless of income.
  3. It creates countless new regulations. At last count, we’re looking at upwards of 13,000+ pages of regulations.
  4. It greatly expands the IRS. They’re hiring thousands of new workers right now to handle the law’s provisions.
  5. It funds elective abortions. This is true. Bart Stupak, you fool.
  6. It violates freedom of conscience and religion. The new HHS guidelines show disrespect for freedom of conscience. As for religious liberties? Trampled.
  7. It will cost WAY more than was originally promised. Just like all government entitlements. Are you surprised?
  8. Obama lied, freedom died. Here’s a list of just 5 of his broken campaign promises.
  9. How it was passed. On a strict party-line vote, on Christmas Eve, and chock full of shady, backroom deals.
  10. It vastly expands the federal government. It creates something like 159 new government agencies. Good gracious.

All told, the Heritage Foundation has it right: “The fundamental structure of Obamacare is based on centralizing the financing, delivery, and management of health care, and is completely incompatible with patient-centered, market-based reforms.” Even worse, it is an unparalleled massive government takeover of healthcare which will lead to greater government control over every aspect of our lives. Just ask super liberal-blogger and columnist Ezra Kein: “…this bill represents an enormous leftward shift for American social policy…For all its imperfections, health-care reform itself is deeply, deeply progressive.” Scary stuff.

This law must be repealed. That’s all there is to it.

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