Obamacare Stands

The Supreme Court has ruled that Obamacare, including its individual mandate, will stand. I am shocked by this ruling and saddened for what it means for our country going forward. Of all the things racing through my mind as I write this, a few things stand out:

  • Ultimately the fate of this country still lies in the hands of its citizens. This ruling only underscores the foolishness of relying upon a group of unelected justices to correct the problems we face. We the People still have a voice, and it is up to us, not any court, to defend our freedom and liberties. The importance of your participation in every national, state, and local election cannot be emphasized enough, especially now.
  • Our president lied to us, repeatedly. His campaign promise was that there would be no middle income tax increases. He vehemently argued that Obamacare’s individual mandate is not a tax. Guess what? It is. Obama can now legitimately be labeled the biggest tax-raiser in the history of our country.
  • A dangerous precedent has now been set: Congress can tax you even when you are not participating in commerce. Basically the only requirement necessary for Congress to levy a tax is that you breathe. This gives Congress unlimited taxation power. They can tax you for anything, including not buying something. Wow. The possibilities for abuse are literally unlimited.
  • We have just hit the accelerator on our one-way path to tyranny. Everyone knows that Obamacare was never meant to be the end of the left’s health care agenda. It was only something they had to settle for until they could achieve their ultimate utopian dream of a single-payer system. Don’t be deceived! Obamacare is not the end of their agenda, but the beginning. They will not stop until they control everything. To control is the centerpiece of their worldview, since apparently you and I cannot be trusted to make our own decisions for ourselves. It is fallen man’s nature to conquer, and this nature is epitomized in the statist/leftist/liberal/progressive/Democrat agenda.
  • George W. Bush gave us trillions of dollars of debt…and John Roberts. *sigh*

November will soon be here. The Supreme Court does not have to have the last word on this issue. Obamacare is still widely unpopular in this country, and we have a chance to get rid of it at the ballot box. The fight may not be over, but our only hope now is a full repeal, and repeal can only be done with the right people in office.

Freedom is a sacred, God-given right. It is up to us to cherish and preserve it. Freedom freely surrendered is nearly impossible to get back. Stand up for your freedom, America.

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