Transition: Complete

Whew! That was a relatively painless process. You must have been praying for me.

My blog has now been migrated from Blogger to my own hosted instance of WordPress. I am SO pleased that I have done this. The Blogger settings console and templating system was not getting the job done for me, and WordPress gives me a whole new world of control over the look and functionality of my blog. Here is just a quick sample of some the new things that you might actually care about:

  1. None of my old permalinks – that is, the direct hyperlink to each individual post – have been lost.
  2. None of the 900+ comments from this blog’s history have been lost.
  3. All of the almost 400 individual posts are now categorized!
  4. Internet Explorer users, rejoice! Everything now looks and functions the same for you as everyone else. (At least, everything should.)
  5. The blog search utility now functions properly. The old one broke and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.
  6. RSS feeds can now be customized according to entries, comments, author, category, or date!

There are a whole bunch of other new things, but I’ll let you discover them for yourself. Enjoy!

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