Presenting the New TruthDialogue

For the third time in as many years this website has undergone a significant overhaul. This year’s update makes some changes that I think have been overdue for some time. Let’s review:

  1. The high contrast white on black scheme was cheesy and hard to look at. This new interface is cleaner and simpler. ‘Nuff said.
  2. There used to be simply too much information across the entire site. The content has been greatly reduced this go-around, so hopefully everything that needs to be said is said and all the static is gone.
  3. The site is less specific in terms of intended audience, purpose and subject matter. Hopefully this will liberate me to speak on a wider set of topics to a wider potential audience. Hopefully…
  4. Lots of changes took place beneath the hood. Nerds will appreciate it more than non-nerds.
  5. There is significantly less cheese involved now.
So there you have it. I will continue to optimize and update over the coming days and weeks as I find time. My goal is to blog more often, but instead of the blog being focused on a very specific set of topics I plan on expanding its scope, but we’ll see. My hope is that you come along for the ride.

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