November 2 Update

Well, I have managed to miss the entire month of October. Oops. Sorry about that one.

Here we are in November, though, and starting tomorrow we’re about to see what kind of political effect Barack Obama’s presidency has had on subsequent elections since he was elected into office. The governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia are particularly interesting, and it looks very much as though the Republican candidates in both races will win, especially in Virginia.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but think that tomorrow will prove to be just the first major step of a significant political backlash to this president’s and his Congress’ radical policies. The American people wanted something different from Bush, but I don’t think they wanted this kind of change. I know I sure don’t.

Keep an eye out on the news tomorrow night as election results come in. And check back here for whatever commentary I might come up with.

As always, take a look at my Why I Do Not Support Barack Obama list. No cheap shots. Nothing personal. Just real substantive reasons why I don’t support this president’s radical agenda and why I believe he is bad for our country. That’s all.

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