The Green Culture of Death

The Telegraph had an article yesterday contending that the best way to manage ‘global warming’ is through the use of contraception.

Contraception is almost five times cheaper as a means of preventing climate change than conventional green technologies, according to research by the London School of Economics.

The article’s main thesis is that by reducing the number of unintended pregnancies through contraception, the global population can be cut significantly enough to curb the elevation in the earth’s growing temperature.

I disagree with this thesis for two main reasons. First, I don’t believe in global warming. We’ve covered the so-called ‘green’ movement before. There is absolutely no sufficient scientific data that suggests any change in the earth’s core temperatures have anything to do with anything other than the normal cycles of the sun.

But more importantly, I don’t accept the view of children presented in the article. This suggests that children are less important than ‘Mother Earth’ — for the sake of the earth, let’s cut back on the number of babies that are born every year. Babies = bad. Does that not bother you?

If not, perhaps it is because you have become too caught up in the culture of death that we live in. I say culture of death because it is a culture that does not value life. I saw on Facebook the other day a friend of mine who was ‘disgusted’ that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were having another child, as if children are somehow an affront to human society. Here was the message: “*name* is feeling nauseous after finding out that the Duggars are having a 19th child…really, 19???…gross.” Then below a comment in response reads: “that’s just irresponsible. there’s not room for all of us on this planet.” What is so irresponsible about this? None of these children are going to be neglected or be left in need for anything. In fact, I would wager that every one of those children will turn out to be an outstanding person that will have much to contribute to society. But because our culture hates life, the concept of having more than 2-3 children is disgusting.

I almost want to tell these folks that if they’re so concerned about the population of earth then go live on the moon.

It’s no wonder abortion and gay marriage are so cherished today. Ours is a nihilistic culture that celebrates decisions that can only lead to death and scorn those that lead to life. I can only say that never in my household will my children feel as though the earth’s temperature is more valuable to me than their lives are.

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