Where in the world is Sean San Diego?

By now you must be wondering where in the world I am and if I plan on ever blogging again. The answers to those questions are simple, but let me first tell you where I’ve been and why I haven’t blogged lately.

In May I graduated from Wesley Biblical Seminary here in Jackson. The next day my wife and I had our baby daughter, Savannah Grace (now 5 months old), baptized. The months leading up to that weekend, and the time since, have been the busiest and most taxing of my life. Sadly for you, finishing seminary, writing a thesis, and having a family have been more important to me than enlightening your mind and shaping your worldview. Oh, and did I mention that my beloved cat died, my whole family dealt with a round of flu, and our apartment was destroyed by a tornado? All in the month of April? Yes, it is true. This past Spring was quite an ordeal.

But here we are, the hard part is behind us now. To answer the original questions, I will say this. I am still here, in Jackson, at WBS. I now work full-time as the new Resource Developer for the seminary and will assist the academic department, support online education, and help develop resources for both education and institutional advancement. In addition, I am Dr. Ury’s teaching assistant in the theology department. And secondly, yes, I do plan on blogging again. Somehow, some way, I will do it. I can be done. And it will. I just need a little more time.

So do not be alarmed. I have been away, but I will soon be back. Just think of all the wonderful possibilities of what a recent seminary grad just might have to say to you… Ok, seriously though. I’ll be back.

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