Humans will wed robots?

Updated. Originally posted on 10/12/07.

From Breitbart:

MAASTRICHT, Netherlands, Oct. 11 (UPI) — The University of Maastricht in the Netherlands is awarding a doctorate to a researcher who wrote a paper on marriages between humans and robots.

David Levy, a British artificial intelligence researcher at the college, wrote in his thesis, “Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners,” that trends in robotics and shifting attitudes on marriage are likely to result in sophisticated robots that will eventually be seen as suitable marriage partners.


This is further proof that today more than ever we need to be firm on God’s intentions for human relationships. This report is but a chilling example of the nihilistic end to Western individualism. Now, more than ever before, we must be able to accurately articulate who God is. He is three persons who in a communion of self-giving love are one. If you start with monadic oneness you end with monadic oneness…and people trying to marry robots.

For those of you interested, Dr. Dennis Kinlaw was the lecturer for the 2007 Chamberlain Holiness Lectures here at Wesley Biblical Seminary last week. The topic was “Human Sexuality and the Holy.” CDs and DVDs of the lectures, including the 2007 Academic Convocation address by Dr. John Oswalt on “Human Sexuality in the Old Testament,” are available to be purchased from the seminary’s website. You would benefit greatly from purchasing copies of these lectures. They were exceptional.

God save us.

2 thoughts on “Humans will wed robots?

  1. Sean,

    The lectures were great I finished them yesterday. I wished when I picked them up the other day I had more time to come and visit with you.

    Lecture three Kinlaw quotes Barth at the end of the lecture. Do you know were that can be found. I found part of the quote in his Church Dogmatics .

    Pray that all is going well with you and Rebecca and your pregnancy.

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